Brother Mathew

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. I begin this testimony giving thanks to God for giving me life and breathe so I may share my faith with you. I was born to a large family of believers, the oldest of five brothers. I learned at a young age of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. While belonging to a family of Catholics, I was brought up in the way of the Catholic Church, being baptised at birth, going through communion and confirmation as well as catechism through my early years. But after each Sunday service and after my catechism classes, I left feeling confused and had more questions than answers. As I grew older, I felt alienated from the church and refused to go to services or practise my faith any longer. This brought about a profound change in my life. The defiance I initiated here began a downward spiral in my life that would take many years to recover from. Though out my early teenage years, I began experimenting with drugs and alcohol, which further distanced myself from my relationship with God. Continuing on with my hard partying ways, I soon found myself in confrontations with my family and the law. It never dawned on me to turn away from my life of sin because I still had not realised the life changing power of prayer and a relationship with our lord and saviour. At age sixteen, I contracted bacterial meningitis and fell into a coma for ten days. During this time I was kept alive on life support and had respiratory failure which led the doctors to believe I had a 10% chance of making it through alive. They informed my family of this and the Catholic Last rites were performed. The doctors said even with the small chance I made it back alive, I would undoubtedly have amputation or brain damage. Through all of this I remember little except a brief dream in which there was tunnel of light appearing to me which I could not enter. I subsequently came out of my coma, and made a miraculous and complete recovery, with all my limbs and mental capacity intact. This was hailed by medical professionals and my family alike as a miracle. I was not so convinced. It didn’t take long for me to continue with my life the way I had before. Throughout the rest of my teen years and into my early twenties I carried on living an indulgent lifestyle abusing alcohol, drugs and women. The inevitable jail time that came with living as a drug pusher actually came to be the saving grace that I needed to rekindle my relationship with God. While in jail, I came to learn that prayer could help me when I felt weak or lonely. God was never far away. And I also found solace in the bible, which I began reading every day. To this day, I have kept up the habit. After serving my sentence, I began to look for a place in which I could find fellowship and understanding while increasing my awareness of the bible. This is how I found Church of Son of The Living God. Pastor Edmond and others welcomed me immediately and made me feel welcome and at home. The bible study setting of the service was instantly received by me as an improvement over the long confusing sermons of the Catholic Church. I not only understood the doctrines but was encouraged to participate by giving my own testimony and asking questions. After a short time I asked to be baptised into the church. After learning the importance of baptism and coming to terms with the covenant I was entering into with the church, I was baptised and reborn. I have never looked back. The blessings I received have been innumerable. The faith I have today is strong and the family I have found in the church is strong as well. I no longer look toward the life of sin and evil I was living but look toward eternal happiness with our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I welcome all of you to come and learn what faith in Christ Jesus can do for your life. Come, visit us. And may God bless you and help you find his way, in Jesus’ name Amen. - Brother Mathew

Sister Christine

So, this is me, Christine...... So, where shall we start my folks? Okay, wait a minute! I have to start somewhere--- As you all know going to church is one thing and learning the Truth is the other. As for me, I was always searching for something that has to do with two objectives: Having a one on one relationship with the Living God and Doing His Will. This is what Jesus Christ expects in each of His followers which I am 100% sure is the best way to be a Child of the Living God, The Almighty. Because of this desire, I kept on wandering from one church to the other, I am not trying to say that other churches are bad, but some lacked something to do with knowing God personally and do what He tells us. However, I cannot boast myself about my efforts in searching anything, it is God Almighty, The Living God who deserves a credit. He gave me a grace and energy to keep looking until one day. Actually, it was one Sunday, May 11, 2014, I was so disappointed with myself and I was on the verge of giving up. Then, something clicked and I knew Our Father, The Living God and His Son, Jesus Christ have not given up on me yet. Trust me folks, we can be 7 billion people without counting other creatures, but still They know every one of us. Anyway, I was going through Kijiji which I normally do until I stumbled in the section “community!” In this section, I came across -BIBLE STUDY LESSONS besides there was no pricing indicated-FREE! It Says. So, I emailed them my contact information and Edmond got back to me. We spoke over the phone and he was willing to come to my home for Bible Study. For me, I don't like to make people come to me. I said to myself, “If I want the teaching, I have to get up and get it.” So, I called Edmond who took his time and he asked me what I knew through the topic “Angels!” I thought I knew it all; So, I gave him four Archangels names being Angel Michael, Raphel, Uriel and Gabriel! However, I did answer half of the questions. So, from there, he added the largest chunk of knowledge that I never heard before-types of angels; the mortal and immortal types of angels. He also talked about Baptism and Spirit Worlds. So, after his teaching, I understood that everything made sense! Anyway, this is what happened after that encounter-so his church became my home church. For me, the number of people does not matter to me even Jesus Christ had only 12 disciples and one lady, Mary Magdalene! It is the teaching that matters to me. So, I became full member of that church and got baptist in the month of July in Lake Manitoba, freaky cold, but it was a good feeling. Now, I am still going there and our church, “The Church of The Son of The Living God!” is stretching its hands to reach the community through the store. I love this place because of two reasons: it reveals real teachings that I never heard before and the session lasts an hour (from 1 pm to 2 pm every Sunday). Also, the place is convenient to the major bus route-Portage Avenue. Perhaps, who wouldn't give up the for the Lord? As for me, I would. Not only that we are given chance to give talks every month, but after the testimony Sunday that takes place every first Sunday of the month. So, this is me, Christine and thank you guys for knowing me. Why don't you drop by for a chat? It won't take long, just 45 to 60 minutes of your time. So, I am looking forward to seeing you there, may you, all folks have a blessed days on earth and let me leave you with 1st Peter 5:7-11 in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord... Amen! - Sister Christine